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Family Huddles: In your home or at our office, our staff will gather with your family to help you learn more about the natural grieving process and how to support one another. We also will lead you in honoring your loved one through a memorial activity.

Family Night Series: This six-week series offers grief education and support for all ages. Through sharing with your peers and age-appropriate activities, you will learn about your own and one another’s grief and gain tools for healing together. Children also will create memorial keepsakes to take home. 

Camp GriefWorks: Your family will participate in small group sharing and healing activities, much like at the Family Night Series, but during a one-day retreat.

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Grief Talk: If you are a bereaved adult, this six-week series offers a safe and supportive environment for working through the pain of grief. GriefWorks’ staff provides insights and tools for mending your heart and re-landscaping your life in the absence of your loved one.

On-Going Groups: Our staff facilitates three drop-in daytime groups, which each meet twice monthly. A grief support group and caregiver support group meet in Enumclaw; a support group for anyone who has been widowed meets in Tacoma. For details, contact GriefWorks or click HERE.

Individual Sessions: By talking with one of our trained counselors, you can gain insights into grief, which can help reduce its intensity and duration.

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Support Groups: If your school has identified six to ten students who are grieving a loss through death, GriefWorks will bring support right to your campus. Through our Teen Talk and Kid Talk groups, we provide a safe environment for mending hearts and re-landscaping lives, using coping skills that can benefit students for a lifetime.

School Debriefing: When a student dies, GriefWorks can come to your campus to meet with students, helping them process their grief. We also will lead them in healing memorial activities.

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Workplace Huddle: When an employee dies, GriefWorks staff is available to come to your workplace to help co-workers process the loss together. We can help your team experience healing and gain coping skills, thus benefiting their lives and your business.

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Would you like to learn more about the grieving process and to enhance your skills in helping the bereaved? GriefWorks offers workshops for counselors, healthcare professionals, chaplains, funeral directors, and others who want to be a caring presence in the community. Topics include…

• Understanding Grief
• When Grief Comes to School
• How to Be a Caring Presence
• Emotional First Aid
• Traumatic Loss
• Help for the Caregiver
• Getting Your House in Order

• Surviving Suicide
• Coping With the Holidays
• How to Help Grieving Children and/or Teens

Workshops can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs and schedule.
Click here to see Professional Comments from Past Workshops

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Together we’re mending hearts…
and re-landscaping lives.

The mission of GriefWorks is to serve as a bereavement resource providing education and support for people grieving a death or seeking to understand the grief process.

We envision a world where grieving people are supported in compassion and companionship as they journey through their unique loss experiences.

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