GriefWorks Resources - Suggestions for Healing

Unresolved grief issues can lead to lifelong emotional struggles. That is why GriefWorks offers the following tools to help you work through your grief. Remember, grief is a normal reaction to loss, and recovery from even the most intense grief is possible.  Help for the journey is available.

Externalize Your Grief

Talk, talk and talk to someone with whom you can safely and comfortably share your grief.
Write, journal - express your grief through poetry, angry words, love letters.
Cry, cry and cry.
Be creative. Try art therapy, scrapbooking, photos, collage, clay, painting.
Rearrange a room.
Work in the garden.
Do physical activities - use a punching bag, scream, stamp your feet, hit tennis balls.
Walk or run.

Do Stress Management

Use time management techniques.
Set small goals for yourself.
Avoid extra stress and big changes.
Ask for help and accept help. Let someone do a favor for you. Develop and use a new support system at work and at home.
Give yourself permission to seek professional counseling.
Watch funny movies, and give yourself permission to laugh. Seek out humor.
Simplify your life. Don’t expect to do all you did before. Feel free to say “no.”
Manage stress with relaxation. Use meditation, stretching, exercise, guided imagery, hot baths.
Sleep, rest, and take naps.
Maintain good nutrition.
Be patient with yourself. Know it’s OK not to feel OK.

Self Education / Resources

Read about grief - what it is, what it’s not and how others cope.
Consider joining a support group.

Create & Carry Out Rituals

Set aside time for remembrance.
Embrace your religion. Follow your spirituality and voice your questions.
Talk to God.

Gently Face Your Own Mortality

Recognize that your loved ones will have a great loss when you die. Acknowledge your fears & your faith.
Prepare for your own death by exploring alternatives and choices that suit your beliefs, values, and finances.
Document your thoughts, fears, concerns, plans, and wishes with your loved ones. Doing so can promote immense relief and peace. It also can unite families.

Together we’re mending hearts…
and re-landscaping lives.

The mission of GriefWorks is to serve as a bereavement resource providing education and support for people grieving a death or seeking to understand the grief process.

We envision a world where grieving people are supported in compassion and companionship as they journey through their unique loss experiences.

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