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The death of a loved one may be accompanied by pain, confusion, anger, fear, guilt, isolation, and relational stress. It also is often followed by financial hardships. At GriefWorks we strive to respond to every call for support, regardless of an individual’s or family’s ability to pay for services. If you share our passion for providing comfort, coping tools, and hope for those who are grieving a loss, we invite you to join us as a Compassion Partner.

GriefWorks offers you THREE levels of commitment…

PARTNER With the Brokenhearted

Your pledge will enable GriefWorks to provide counseling services to bereaved individuals, helping them heal and re-landscape their lives.
$1,000/year ($83/month) for 5 years
PARTNER With Families
Your pledge will help GriefWorks to serve families through our Family Night Series and Camp GriefWorks, as well as Family Huddles
$5,000/year ($417/month) for 5 years
PARTNER with Students
Your pledge will enable GriefWorks to provide grief support on campuses, helping students mend their broken hearts and learn healthy coping skills that can benefit them throughout their lives. The groups you support also will further equip school counselors in serving the bereaved.
$10,000/year ($833/month) for 5 years

To join GriefWorks as a Compassion Partner, or to give a gift in any amount, please send your tax-deductible donation to: GriefWorks, P.O. Box 912, Auburn, WA 98071-0912. Or you can choose to give online by clicking the button below. Thank you!



Together we’re mending hearts…
and re-landscaping lives.

The mission of GriefWorks is to serve as a bereavement resource providing education and support for people grieving a death or seeking to understand the grief process.

We envision a world where grieving people are supported in compassion and companionship as they journey through their unique loss experiences.

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